Tips for selling and staging your home

Tips for selling and staging your home

Selling your house can be a stressful time. The vast majority of properties purchased on the market today, have the right home staging and presentation in place. To help make your house pleasing you will need to set up the furniture and be sure that your house is showing its full potential.

To make a visible flair in every single room, home staging has the means of completing this to attract buyers. Easy things like placing a flower vase on the dining table, lamps to add ambience, using quality bed linens, cushions and throws to make rooms feel homely, serene and relaxing. All these items are available through a home staging company to offer the maximum appeal through presentation.

A property needs to have that special something to gain instant attention and stand out from the rest. Colour, style, atmosphere are all the things a home staging company can create, whether you are living in the property or have an empty house for sale. Home staging is also a cheaper option than buying new items, which possibly may not suit your next property. For minimal outlay home staging can help achieve a higher selling price when a property is furnished, than an empty house that feels cold, empty and lifeless. Majority of the population cannot visualise where or how to place furniture, so to have your property staged would answer all the questions that prospective buyers do not ask before they leave, usually not returning to gain the answers.

If you are living in the property while this is on the market, ensure that all personal items are removed. If you are moving to a new home, this is a great time to start the packing process. As items are removed and stored, clean down that area as this will be easier to deal with on completion of the sale. Ensure that kitchens and bathrooms look hygienic and pristine. Nobody wants to see or smell a dirty cooker, kitchen or pantry and definitely not a dirty bathroom. These are areas that buyers will scrutinise the most, so even if they are not the most modern, they have to be spotless. Once the “de cluttering” has started, home stagers can advise on furniture placement, to ensure that the property is presented correctly. To bring someone in to view a property that is not familiar to them is sometimes a bonus. We all see our homes as we have lived in them, so to use another person’s vision, could turn a room completely around to look, spacious and welcoming.

A property is usually a person’s main asset, so presentation is essential to hopefully gain a quick sale and the highest selling price that we all desire.